Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need custom firmware to be able to use PSPVC?
No custom firmware is required, PSPVC convert videos for all PSP´s.
Slim... Phat... CFW... OFW... bulletproof... waterproof... fireproof... - it does'nt matter! :)
Is PSPVC for free?
yes, it's 100% free!
However, If you like PSPVC, donations are always welcome ;)
I want to donate, how can I do it?
Thank you, all donations are welcome :) follow me!
Is there a forum around here?
Yup, it´s right here!
Can I convert videos directly from my PSP?
Sure thing, click here for instructions.
I downloaded PSPVC, how do I install it?
Run PSPVC_vX.X_Setup.exe and read the "Minimum Requirements", then follow the instructions.
I installed the CCCP Codec Pack, but PSPVC wont convert
For CCCP to work correctly, make sure all other codec packs (if you have any) are uninstalled before you install the CCCP Codec Pack. If you installed CCCP and you still have problems, you might have to re-register the filters, do like this:
  1. Go to "C:\Program Files\Combined Community Codec Pack" and start "Settings.exe"
  2. Click "Next"
  3. Check the "Re-Register Filters" checkbox
  4. Click "Apply"
  5. Click "Close"
I cant connect to my PSPVC Server!
If you have a router, firewall, antivirus etc, you need to configure those so PSPVC gets access to internet or your PSPVC Server wont work. For more information, read the manual.
What are all settings? how do I use them?
Read the manual...
I have problems converting a video with PSPVC
Make sure you´re using the most recent version of PSPVC and make sure the video you want to convert aint damaged.
I get "Unsupported Data" when I watch the video on my PSP
Make sure your firmware version is 3.30 or higher! Also, the official firmware from Sony have a maximum bitrate of 768kbps.
I cant upload videos to my PSP
When PSPVC is looking for your PSP, it is looking for a file called "MEMSTICK.IND" located in the root of your memory stick. If the file has been deleted from your PSP, then PSPVC wont find it.
There are 2 ways of getting the MEMSTICK.IND file back:

Either you format your memory stick, or you can download MEMSTICK.IND here and drop it into the root of your memory stick.
How can I convert a DVD?
First you need to rip the DVD into a single VOB file. The quickest and easiest way is to use DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 (freeware).

After installing DVD Decrypter, here´s how to rip your DVD into a single VOB file:
  1. First off, go to "Tools" ---> "Settings" ---> click the "IFO Mode" tab and set "File Splitting" to "None" then click OK.
  2. Select "Mode" from the main menu and check the "IFO I" mode.
  3. Insert a DVD and click the "Stream Process"-tab and check the tracks you want to include in your VOB file.
  4. Start the decryption process. After 10-15 minutes or so, you're done.
  5. Start PSPVC, click "Video In" and select the VOB file you created using DVD Decrypter
How can I convert Quicktime videos?
Download and install "Quicktime Alternative"
How can I convert my RealMedia videos? (rm, ram, rmvb etc)
Download and install "Real Alternative"
  • Start Notepad, then copy the line below and change the path to your realmedia file:
    DirectShowSource("C:\path\to\your.rmvb", fps=29.97, convertfps=true)
  • Save it as: my_video.avs
  • Start PSPVC, click on the "Video" button and select my_video.avs
Can I cut parts from the video I don't want?
yes, you can trim the video, check the manual for instructions.
PSPVC doesn't play my previews
In order for the preview feature in PSPVC to work, you need to install the CCCP Codec Pack
I get an error message/black screen when I use the "Line Darkening" option!
Download and install the 32 Bit or 64 Bit C++ SP1 Redistributable Package
I cant get PSPVC to work with my subtitles!
Make sure your subtitles are valid and working properly, click here for information on how to make the subs valid.
The subtitles does'nt look right, help!
If the letters in your language does´nt look right, you need to change your systems locale settings to your language. Do like this:
  1. Open the "Control Panel"
  2. Open the "Regional and Language Options"
  3. Click on the "Administrative" tab
  4. Click on the "Change system locale" button and select your language
Then click "OK" and restart your computer to make the changes take effect.
How do I select subtitles from MKV videos?
Click on "Subtitles" tab and select the subtitles you want from the selection box.
My video has several audio-tracks, how can I select the one I want?
Select audio track from the "Track" box in "Audio options"
What sites can I download videos from?
A list of supported sites can be viewed here
How do I download and convert a video?
Click here for information
Can I add more sites to download from?
Yes, you have to create your own video-grabber (in PHP, ASP etc) and add the link to the script into the "servers.xml" in the "tools" folder, located in your PSPVC dir. Once you´ve made your script and added the link to PSPVC, simply select your script from the selectbox in the "Online" tab.
Where are the downloaded videos saved?
In the "Downloads" folder, located in your PSPVC installation dir.
How can I make PSPVC convert faster?
If you want quality, then time is not an issue! Anyways, if you only want a video as fast as your computer allowes, select and load the "Speed" preset. Note: this does not produce good quality.