Basic Video Options

  • Convert almost any video into PSP compatible media
  • Encode to normal (SP) or HIGH resolution (AVC) videos
  • Option to convert by folder(s)
  • Target File Size option
  • Custom resolution / Automatic resolution
  • Various Resizer modes
  • Manual / Automatic Framerate options
  • Aspect settings (keep aspect / normal / widescreen)
  • Pad & Crop (auto / manual) options
  • 1 Pass or 2 Pass conversions
  • "Force Conversion" option

Advanced Video Options

  • Convert by a fixed or dynamic quantizer
  • Constant Quality option
  • Threads (detected automatically) or set manually
  • Macroblock for improved compression and visual quality
  • Motion Estimation
  • Motion Compare settings
  • Trellis - Motion optimation
  • Pixel Range level
  • B-Frames for better compression and visual quality
  • Motion Quality

Audio Options

  • Select any Audio stream from the video
  • Selectable bitrate values
  • Selectable frequency values
  • Mono / Stereo / Auto
  • Increase or decrease volume (0 = no sound, 1000 = VERY LOUD!!)
  • Normalize - Maximize Volume without distortion (AUTO)
  • Automatic or manual audio sync / delay correction
  • Kill Video - Convert music or rip audio from videos into MP4 AAC sound files

Image Tweaks Adjustments

  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Blur/Sharpen options
  • Line Darkening
  • De-interlace
  • Color Matrix (color correcrtion for mpeg sources)
  • Deblock
  • Noise Removal
  • Rotate image -90°, +90° or 180°
  • Flip image horizontally
  • Reverse clip
  • Fade clip in / out


  • Add your own subtitles or select embedded subtitles (*.srt, *.ass, *.ssa and *.sub format supported)
  • Keep styles, color and layout intact (*.ass / *.ssa)
  • Choose any font from your system
  • Set any font color of your choice
  • Set any outline color of your choice
  • Position the subtitles vertically) where you want them
  • Drop shadow
  • Shadow Opacity
  • Shadow Distance

Custom Logotype / Watermark

  • Add any JPG, BMP or PNG (can also be transparant) supported
  • Can be in any imagesize
  • Position the logo anywhere on the image
  • Adjustable opacity level
  • Option to fade logo/weatermark in or out

Preview Video

  • Preview video before and during conversion

Trim Options

  • Cut or select parts from a video

Queue / Batch Conversions

  • Add unlimited jobs to queue
  • Individual settings for each job (optional)
  • Join/merge all files in queue into a single video file
  • Save current batch list to file for later editing

Icon / Screenshot

  • Generate a screenshot from anywhere in the video
  • Generate a random screenshot

Upload directly to PSP

  • Upload the converted video directly to your PSP with the click of a button

Download videos straight from sites